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OnSite automatically sends commmunication to the appropriate personnel

Tickets & Work Orders

When a new request is submitted the personnel configured to receive new request notification for the request type selected are notified by email. By clicking the link in the email they are directed to the request page in OnSite. When a work order is assigned to the request the work order assignee and the Requester will receive notification emails. Through the work order process notifications are sent as resources are added to the work order. Once complete the Assigner and Requester will be notified.


Discussions are an intregral part of the work order, purchase, shipment, crew call and training workflows. Discussions allow you to communicate and document communication within the workflow. A discussion trail is maintained. Privacy settings allow you to control who has access to view the Discussion trail. External discussions are used for communication with Suppliers or Customers. This creates a supplier or customer association in the workflow thereby giving them access to the shared data.


When a quote request is submitted to a Vendor the vendor can access the online PO form. They can provide their quotation directly on the form and once submitted will notify the requester. If a quote is not supplied in a timely manner the system will automatically send the vendor reminder emails. Once the quote notification email is received the requester can turn the form into a purchase requisition and send a PO request. Once the PO is entered the requester is notified by email. The new PO can then be sent directly the vendor for acceptance. Upon acceptance of the PO terms the requester will be notified with estimated shipment date.


Once a PO is accepted a shipment form is automatically created for the PO items. The Vendor must complete the shipment form once the product ships. If the product does not ship by the estimated ship date the system will send an reminder email to the Vendor. The Vendor must either complete the shipment form or update the estimated ship date. The requester will receive notification when ever the estimated ship date is changed or the product ships. Upon recieving the order the requester will mark the date received and the Vendor will be notified of the order receive status.


Scheduling can be done on time line or calendar pages. Additions or changes to scheduled events will notify the assigned user of that event.

Overdue Summary

Every morning a Summary is sent to each user listing their overdue items. Overdues are relevant for Tickets, Work Orders, Purchases, Shipments

Crew Call

Crew Call communication sends a call to each user assigned. The user must respond to the call and confirm their acceptance of the call date and time. Crew can enter time sheets from the crew call form. A crew call summary can be sent to adminstration once the call is complete.


Users booked for training sessions receive a notification mail. The user must respond to the online training form confirming their acceptance of the training session date and time.

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