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Work Flow

Onsite provides the resources you need to organize your workflow for any job.


Tickets are submitted for Fault Report, Task Request, Production Request, Equipment Request, etc. When Tickets are entered the appropriate personnel are notified by email. Any number of Work orders are then assigned to satisfy the request.

Work Orders

Work Orders are the building block for the workflow. All processes and resources are associated to the work order. As the workflow progresses the appropriate personnel are kept in the loop.


Todo tasks are added to work orders and scheduled on the calendar in order to create a daily todo list.


Discussions are added to work order to communicate with internal or external personnel. They maintain a running thread of all communication associated with the work order


When a work order requires a purchase that Purchasing can by executed from OnSite. The purchase form moves from Quotation Request, to completed Quotation, to Purchase Requisition, to Purchase Order to PO Submission to PO Acceptance.


When a PO is accepted a Shipment form is automatically created and must be completed by the Vendor upon order shipment. Shipments can be added to work orders for any outbound or inbound shipments. Asseted Items received automatically be added to the Inventory database.


The Library is a resource for categorized notes that can be accessed by anyone on the team. You can associate a Library document to a work order when it is an applicable resource for that job.


Inventory is maintained for Hardware, Software, Parts and Media. Full Historical records and inventory counts are documented. Any links associated to the inventory will automatically appear on the associated work order.

File & Media Share

File Shares allow you to create links to any type of document on the web, on ftp site, on the OnSite server or in the local network. The Media Share takes the share a step further allowing the review and note keeping of Video Media assets.

Crew Call

Crew Call allows you to book crew for specific events and ensure they confirm their committment to the event. Also provides a means for crew to enter their time on the event.

Event Log

Event Log is a tool to log multiple events associated with a particular job. Particularyly valuable for logging live events.


Book rooms and assign operators and notify them when changes are made. Scheduling operators for each room can be compared against Work Shifts.


Book personnel for training sessions and maintain an ongoing record of all training completed. This training record can be referenced when looking for appropriate personnel for a job.


Log time associated with each job or task. Time Sheets are available to external personnel. Time logging can be associated to billable services and used for billing report.

Work Shifts

Schedule Work Shift and notify personnel of any shift changes. Ensure all staff are aware of their work shifts no matter where they are.

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