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A powerful Workflow Portal

A tool to manage daily activities with the flexibility
and features to accommodate any type of workflow.


Automated communication ensures the appropriate personnel are kept up to date. Communicate with Supplier, Vendors, Customers, and Staff in a much more organized way than email.


Receive tickets, assign work orders, schedule tasks and deploy resources for a highly organized workflow. Ensure tasks are kept on schedule to completion.


Manage your resources from any location ensuring the process is executed to the highest efficiency. Including Inventory management and other tools to manage every aspect of your operation.


Workflow documentation that is sharable to everyone no matter where they are. Privacy settings allow you to control access so you can collaborate securely with internal and external personnel.

Anytime Anywhere

Whether in the office, on the job site, or out of the country the portal is available when you need it!

  • Fully Mobile Compatible

    Android, IPhone, IPad, Tablets.

  • Highly customizable

    Can be customized for any facility workflow. Customizable request types, work types and task types and custom forms to meet your requirements.

  • Collaborative Environment

    Now it is easier than ever to colloborate with internal or external personnel. Even Suppliers and Customers are an integrated part of the process.

  • Privacy Control

    Full privacy controls allow you to control who has access to what

  • Resources in one location

    You now know where all your resources are and you can easily share them with the appropriate personnel with a simple click.

Who needs OnSite?

Anyone who wants to improve the efficiency of their workflow will benefit by having daily processes highly organized and accurately communicated. OnSite can achieve this with any workflow - Technical, Production, Operations, etc. Simply customize the setup to meet your requirements. Collaborate with internal and external personnel. Submit requests, Assign work orders, book rooms, track training, communicate work shifts, purchase and ship product. Everyone will find tools to benefit their situation. You use the same tool across multiple departments configured for each departments specific workflow. This is a tool you rely on every day to achieve a high level of organization.

Post Production

Post Production workflows require a large number of processes to occur sequentially to reach the finish product. Collaboration is a must and OnSite allows your production team to coordinate their efforts.

Broadcast Television

From news production to technical management, all these workflows can be handled by one tool. When both the production team and technical teams use the same tool consistancy and efficiency is achieved.


Facility management is critical in a health care environment. Now ensure your maintenance staff are informed of the priority needs and then have a tool to document the maintenance progress. Custom forms allow you to build intuitive progress tables.

Sports Venue

The fast paced action of a sports venue requires tools to effectiviely communicate the needs before the next event. Working with freelance operations staff it is essential they can retrieve relevant info in a timely manner and have the ability to communicate their issues and requirements for the next event.

Construction Company

In the office or on the job site, it is important to have access to the resources when and where you need them. Decisions can be made with the data at hand and changes implemented without delay. As-Builts can be documented as they happen.

House of Worship

Today's house of Worship facilities implement highly technical systems. It is important maintenance procedures and records are documented to ensure timely repairs

Sample Sites

OnSite is used in a multitude of Facilities and is relied upon daily
You can improve your facility operations today with OnSite!

Get OnSite now, and experience the power of a workflow portal

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